Expand your business to Taiwan: Company Registration, Accounting, Tax, & Payroll Services

Basic Information and History (ww2sha)

Evershine  in Shanghai  is the one of Evershine Affiliated Entities in 14 countries , 42 cities.
We provide one-stop services including company registration, accounting, tax, payroll compliance supported by our cloud system.

Please click  below websites to get more detailing information:
Taipei Evershine.tpe, Xiamen Evershine.xmn,
Beijing Evershine.pek, New York Evershine.nyc,
San Francisco Evershine.sfo, Tokyo Evershine.tyo,
Seoul Evershine.sel, Hanoi Evershine .han,
Ho Chi Minh.sgn, Bangkok Evershine.bkk,
Singapore Evershine.sin, Kuala Lumpur.kul,
Jakarta Evershine.jkt, Manila Evershine.mnl,
Melbourne Evershine.mel, Sydney.syd,
New Delhi Evershine.del, Mumbai.bom,
Frankfurt Evershine.fra, London Evershine.lon,
Toronto Evershine.yto.

We also have been providing our services in the following cities:
Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Qingyuan, Yongkang, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Kunshan, Nanjing, Chongqing, Xuchang, Qingdao, Tianjin,  Paris, Amsterdam, Miami, Atlanta, Huston, Bangalore, Berlin, Hamburg.

For other cities:
If you are looking for services in other cities, please refer to the following two websites of global accounting service providers: IAPA (www.iapa.net) and LEA (www.leaglobal.com).
We are the member of above 2 international accounting associations in which we have 900 associates with 38,000 people in 450 cities
We can provide services for overseas subsidiaries of your company as long as you are located in these cities.
Please send email to HQ4sha@evershinecpa.com

Services in Shanghai Area

Company registration,
Open bank account,
Work Permit and Visa application;
Online Accounting Services,
Payment Services,
Tax Compliance Services;
Payroll compliance Services,
Trademark Registration;
Due Diligence for M&A project,
Selling-out Business on behalf of Seller

Shanghai Company Setup

*International Tax Planning
*Company Registration
*Open Bank Account
*Work Permit Application
*Food and Drink Business Permit and License Application
*Medical Devise Business Permit and License Application
*ICP (Internet Content Provider) Permit and License Application

Shanghai Accounting

We act as your in-house accountant supported by cloud accounting and payroll system.
We are a member of LEA and IAPA.
Our affiliated companies are located at major cities in Eastern China area.
We are featured in providing services to the overseas entities of MNC (Multi-National-Companies) parent companies.

Shanghai Payroll Services

*Labor Law Regulation compliance audit.
*Evershine use online payroll relevant 4-in-1 System support our services:
-GPS-Clock or on-site Face-ID-Clock;
-Leave system ; Overtime System;
-Payroll Parameter Collection System;
-payroll gross to net calculation
*Pay salary through internet Banking Function.